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General Biodiesel was formed in 2009 to collect used cooking oil from restaurants and turn it into a locally produced alternative fuel that both reduces our need for imported oil and reduces the carbon/soot emitted by trucks, trains, buses and ships in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. With the help of our Green Partners, we're reducing the amount of trash in the region's land-fills, providing good local manufacturing jobs, and improving the air in our region.  


General Biodiesel’s mission is to generate strong returns to stakeholders by producing high-quality biodiesel fuel that consistently exceeds industry standards at a competitive price.  The Company is committed to being an industry leader and low-cost producer of biodiesel from recycled used cooking oil (Yellow Grease) and animal fats (Tallow); promoting environmental responsibility, sustainability and energy security; and contributing actively to the local economy.  


General Biodiesel employs individuals who work towards a common goal.  Like a machine, the company works by many moving parts, each with an individual purpose, combining to form an entity that accomplishes more than any one individual could.  We believe that while diversity is key, and that different talents and convictions will enrich our culture, we feel that there are certain values that every team member must possess in order to bolster the environment that we have fostered.  You will see people here exhibiting these traits - particularly when faced with a challenge and when discussing their thoughts on a topic.


I am a General Biodiesel team member, and I am:

Self Aware - I am able to see myself through the perspective of those around me.  I understand what my gifts are, and what skills I need to continue to cultivate.  I look to improve myself through introspection and learning, and seek out feedback to ensure that my perception of myself is true to my interactions with team members and customers.  Conflict allows me the opportunity to reflect on my values and use rational thought over emotion to create solutions.

Customer Driven - I understand that my customers can take on many forms, both outside our organization and in.  The customer drives my behavior and decision making.  I am constantly looking to make the job of my customer easier, and will find solutions to my customers' problems.  The challenges that face my customer are my challenges as well. 

Persistent - I don't give up at the first sign of trouble.  Or the second.  Or the third.  I trudge on when things are difficult, keeping my eyes towards the horizon to not lose focus of my end goal.  I look to find more innovative and accessible paths to reach my destination, but I will not stop until my destination is my current location.

Adaptable - I roll with the punches, but I adjust so they inflict as little damage as possible.  I use preparation to smooth my journey and boost my reliability.  I accommodate the road ahead by taking a calculated course that avoids major pitfalls but isn't deterred by a few potholes.  I know that every toolbox needs a hammer, but it shouldn't be the first tool I reach for.

Curious - I have a voracious appetite for information.  I am not satisfied until I know the "why" behind the "what".  I look at learning as my key to success, and through innovation is the only way I will succeed in an efficient manner.  Complacency bores me, and I know that there is always an improved way of doing something, and I am constantly looking for version 2.0.  I replace "I don't know" with "let's find out".

Transparent - I communicate the truth.  I deliver honest information as effectively as possible.  I deliver bad news in its entirety even when it's difficult.  I celebrate our successes together and I hold myself accountable when I have failed to achieve an objective.  I value my integrity above any plan, and will communicate if these principles don't align.

Teamwork - I foster a collaborative environment.  I loathe gossip and ego.   I welcome both delivering and receiving objective feedback.  I look to strengthen those around me, both through assistance and information.  I am empathetic and take into consideration how my actions will affect those around me before proceeding.  I work to be respected and not feared.



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