Clean Burning Biodiesel

General Biodiesel uses the oil it collects from restaurants to produces high quality, commercial grade biodiesel that reduces carbon and black soot in trucks, trains, and ships in the Puget Sound region.   The biodiesel can replace petrodiesel or be blended with petrodiesel in any diesel-powered vehicle.

The EPA’s recently released RFS2 guidelines determined that biodiesel refined from used cooking oil is one of the lowest carbon fuels available with an 85% reduction in life-cycle CO
₂ emissions over conventional petroleum diesel. Recent studies by the California Air Resource Board, the Washington Department of Ecology and others have come to similar conclusions. General Biodiesel is proud to make the lowest carbon diesel alternative available.

General Biodiesel has received National “BQ 9000” Fuel Quality Certification which is required for many vehicle warranty programs.
 Industrial Chemicals


The same process that produces biodiesel can also produce environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-toxic lubricants and solvents, and a non-toxic alternative to treat telephone poles. 

The company also produces glycerin - which is a co-product of the biodiesel manufacturing process. Glycerin is used in soaps, pharmaceuticals, food, and as a dust suppressant on unpaved roads, and a de-icer.