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11 02 2012: General Biodiesel news flash General Biodiesel Honored for Third Consecutive Year at Green Washington Awardsed Post

posted Jan 27, 2013, 11:51 PM by Primary Administrator   [ updated Jan 27, 2013, 11:51 PM ]

In Washington State, many will agree that the word “sustainability” has become synonymous with “responsibility.”

People and businesses alike are constantly looking for new ways to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into day-to-day efforts, and they are succeeding.  Seattle Business magazine annually recognizes these efforts at the Green Washington Awards, with this year’s event occurring this past week on November 1st. The Green Washington Awards acknowledged the 50 greenest companies and institutions in Washington that demonstrate pronounced leadership in the areas of sustainability, green practices, and commitment to our environment and the future of our natural resources. General Biodiesel is proud to announce it was named to the “2012 Washington Green 50” list, making this the third consecutive year the company has been honored at the event.

General Biodiesel’s business model utilizes the power of partnerships and commerce as a means of caring for the environment and supporting the local economy. Its GreenPartner™ cooking oil recycling program has grown to include thousands of businesses since its inception. General Biodiesel collects these businesses’ used cooking oil and transforms it into biodiesel, which is a low-carbon and sustainable substitute for petroleum diesel fuel. “We are very proud of our ties to the local community and environment,” said Zach Shelton, Vice President of Recycling Operations at General. “Community scale energy production that uses local renewable resources as the input for the manufacturing process is the cornerstone of our brand. Our recycling partners make a conscientious decision to keep their waste streams local where the benefit to their customers, families, and employees is greatest. This network is very important to local sustainability.” The environmental benefits of the GreenPartner™ program are stunning – to date, millions of gallons of used cooking oil have been recycled into biodiesel. In terms of carbon footprint alone, General Biodiesel is on track to reduce the equivalent of nearly 20 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering our atmosphere by the end of 2012.

General Biodiesel is it is the only company of its kind incorporated in Washington State whose mission is to improve the entire Pacific Northwest community. All other companies providing used cooking oil recycling services to Washington State businesses export the waste, along with the value add process as well as the potential associated jobs and environmental benefits, out of the state. General Biodiesel keeps these benefits in state and provides a cost-effective, local, and environmentally friendly cooking oil disposal alternative to the GreenPartner™ businesses that believe in a strong local economy.